Model number: 12057
Name: Poker_Electronic
Material: Briar
Mouthpiece: Acrylic
Ring: Sterling Silver
Filter: here are placed head clearomizer EGO (off five clicks)
Length: 145 mm
Bowl height: 62 mm
Bowl diameter:
Chamber depth: -- for battery 3,7 V 18350
Chamber diameter: -- for battery 3,7 V 18350
Weight: 110 g - including battery and atomizer cartridges
Grade: Special order
Price: On reguest
Availability: Sold
Description: I hesitated a long time with the publication of this pipe. It is made for the customer, which does not permit health smoking tobacco in any way a classic. The doctor allowed him only the electronic cigarette. He wished his pipe, which should be made ​​according to his requirements. You can judge for yourself the result of my work. I had to make this "smoking" strong reservations. Finally I found that he himself mixed into the liquid mix different flavors and aromas, so this pipe is about pleasure of smoking. One must not be too orthodox. - - - For a complete description technical data: the pipe is fitted clearomizer C4, 3.7 V battery No.18350, head clearomizer "Ego" with five click off, the battery case has contacts from silver plate.